Susan Brunnert studied violin at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in the US and worked for many years in the field of music management in New York and in Germany. String instruments have been her lifelong passion, driven by her love of classical music, immersion in related businesses, and a 30-plus year marriage to Christian Brunnert, former principal cellist of the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn. Susan lives and works in Bonn, Germany.


“For over 20 years I have been friends and colleagues with Susan Brunnert. It is not only the music and the violin that bring us together, but also the endless hours we share discussing the breeding of roses, Biedermeier antiques and how best to bake sourdough bread. Our conversations are always stimulating and exciting, and Susan has never disappointed me.  Moreover, she is doing wonderful work selling my instruments.“

-Peter Greiner