Representative of Peter Greiner String Instruments

Privileged to have witnessed the birth of more than 250 Peter Greiner violins, violas and cellos, Susan Brunnert was the original representative and sales agent for these fine string instruments. Peter Greiner is regarded by many as the finest luthier in the world today, creating instruments reputed for their top-quality craftsmanship in combination with scientific analysis of sound and historic materials used by the old masters. Since 2004, Susan has worked to make his instruments available to musicians around the world. While they had not been unattainable outside Europe prior to that time, by 2014 international sales had increased significantly as a result of Susan’s efforts. Today Greiner instruments are played exclusively by a number of the world’s leading musicians, and Susan is contacted by string players throughout Europe and around the globe for the one-on-one, customized services she provides as they consider purchasing these legendary instruments.

Cognizant of musicians’ individualized needs and sound ideals, Susan is happy to show her clients more than one Greiner, enabling them to comprehend the maker’s handiwork and skill and to ensure they make choices best tailored to their preferences. Susan’s consultation is individual and extensive, personally advising each musician throughout all stages of the process. As a result of the excellent relationship and bond of trust Susan and Peter have long shared, Peter has chosen to guarantee Susan a certain number of instruments each year. Consequently, while a years-long waiting list awaits those who place orders directly with Peter Greiner, Susan is able to sell these sought-after instruments immediately or within short waiting periods.